Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Best Brands For Bathroom Fittings In India

Which are the best brands for bathroom fittings in India?

You are probably one of those individuals who is not really much worried about bathroom fittings at your home but at the same time also troubled due to frequent maintenance towards those fittings.

What thoughts comes to your mind when you are looking at a faulty or a leaky faucet or a shower?

  1. Want to repair and continue as long as I can.
  2. Want to get it replaced with the same low budget faucet.
  3. Want to change with a high quality faucet.
If you have selected option 1 then you are among 70% of individuals who plans the same thing and get it repaired as long as you can. 

Lets do a rough calculation: 
You spend Rs 100 annually  to fix one faucet.

Total number of faucets at your home = 6 = Rs 600/year.
Time and energy spent behind getting these faucets repaired is Rs 20/faucet = 120.

Overall you are spending 720 annually in a least calculated incident.
Now calculate for 10 years. 
yes you are right its 7200.

Now lets say you have opted for option 2 which is getting the faucets replaced with same low budget faucets. 
Calculation remains the same because low budget faucets and showers will have issues very frequently and you will not get free service at your home for repair.

Now if you have selected option 3 then probably you are taking a very good decision because at the end of the year you will see the following benefit from it.

  • Long lasting faucets
  • Free 7 to 10 years service warranty from brands such as Jaquar, Hindware, Cera, EssEss, Marc, Plumber, Grohe, Hansgrohe, Kohler and few more. 
  • You have time in finding the right plumber to fix the faucet and money in getting it serviced or repaired now and then.
You must be wondering why does the leakage problem happens from low budget faucets and much from good brands.

Here are some of the reasons.
  • Good brands Jaquar, Hindware, Cera, EssEss, Marc, Plumber, Grohe, Hansgrohe, Kohler use high quality spindle with a superior quality washer in it. The quality of brass is extremely high which reduces friction erosion of brass from the spindle making it long lasting.
  • The thickness of the faucet and the chrome plating done on it thick compared to low budget faucets.
  • The overall thickness and pressure capacity for good brands is higher as they use good amount of brass in making the faucets.

These are the primary reasons why bathroom fittings, accessories, showers etc are worth to buy from good brands. 

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