Sunday, 19 July 2015

LED vs. CFL vs. Incandescent: costs, benefits, and data

After being used for over 100 years it’s fairly safe to say that the incandescent bulb is old technology and it has taken a long time for new technology to break through to main stream use. For a while it was thought that Compact Fluorescents (CFLs) would take over but while CFLs can last over six times longer than incandescent bulbs and produce only 25% of carbon emissions however people often lament the quality of the light it produces.
However now with the improvements in LED technology domestic LED bulbs are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Even though they are more expensive than their rivals they are cheaper to run, use significantly less power, have a much longer life, and produce less carbon than both incandescent and CFL bulbs.
This infographic from Sunpower UK compares the three different types of bulb and looks at lifespan, carbon emissions, lumens, energy usage and more to help you understand their differences.