Monday, 20 July 2015

Keep your faucets shiny

Keep your faucets shiny and free from water spots for longer with this little trick!

One easy trick to keep your faucets extra shiny and free from water spots for longer in between cleanings! Who wouldn't want that?

I’ve been watching way too much Downton Abbey on Netflix lately. I’ll admit that when I was trying this trick out, I felt just a little bit like some kind of clever old-fashioned butler who had all the best tricks up my sleeve for keeping things in tip-top shape. I also felt a little ridiculous, because, well you’ll see.So here’s how things started out:
It’s a little hard to tell, but trust me when I say that my bathroom is less than spotless these days. I’m still playing the “new baby” card, and I will be for a little while yet. :)
On a side note, here’s how the faucet is actually supposed to look:
Chris recently thought there may have been a leak in the sink somewhere (which, it turned out, there wasn’t), so he took everything apart and when he put the faucet back on, the handles were backwards. I told him just to leave it, as we definitely have bigger fish to fry. Stay tuned for that!
So  anyway, if the handles look weird and backwards to you, it’s because they are!
Back to the trick.
I started out by cleaning the faucet up nicely, and by nicely I mean I cleaned it at all. Because that’s just not something that happens too regularly around here lately. I mostly do the toilets and leave the other fixtures to fend for themselves. But I cleaned them for you and for the good of all of blogkind and now I’m most definitely glad that I did.
When I was done I took a sheet of wax paper and rubbed it over all the chrome. This is where I felt ridiculous, because paper just doesn’t seem like something that you should be polishing with. Rubbing wax paper on things is just the kind of weird thing that gets me made fun of around here. I almost… almost felt embarrassed about trying this one out, even though no one was there to see me. You know what though? It really did make the clean-ness stick! A few days later I checked back and despite all the handwashing and toothbrushing that goes on here, it was still in tip top shape!
So there you go! This is one of those old wives tales that really works! And now I can spend even less time cleaning the bathroom… if that’s possible! :)
P.S. This method is best on chrome finishes as other finishes may have coatings on them that can be worn off if you rub them with the wax paper. Luckily, chrome fixtures are probably the only ones you really need to worry about water spots on anyway. I just wanted you to know, just in case!
Source from creeklinehouse