Monday, 2 March 2015

19 Bizarre Furniture Designs That Are Genius

19 Bizarre Furniture Designs That Are Genius

Let’s distance ourselves from the typical furniture designs and expand our horizon a little bit. There are lots of unique creations out there and, although it’s impossible to know them all, it’s always fun and interesting to discover them one by one. The designs we've gathered here today are not just beautiful and eye-catching but also multifunctional.

1. The expandable Table.
It’s a round table with a simple and chic design and it hides a marvelous secret. The table can expand from a small size to a larger one while maintaining its circular design during the process.

2. The Staircase Storage Solution.

Perfect for small homes, allows you to save space and to have tons of room for storage. The pieces features a series of drawers and the vertical set also allows you to use it like a climbing ladder in order to reach the higher compartments. The three bottom drawers serve as a staircase and there’s even a side rail for secure climbing.

3. The Evolution Door.

4. The Flap Table Luxury Gold.

Have a pool table in your living room and turn the space into an entertainment area in just seconds. This table is built of premium MDF and covered with gold leaf. It serves both as a dining table and a pool table and it has a sophisticated design.

5. Multifunctional sofa/dining table.

When space is limited, there’s not enough room for all the furniture pieces you might need or want to have. It’s when multifunctional pieces like this one are most appreciated. This sofa can be converted into a dining table with padded stools and it has a simple and modern design, perfect for small living rooms.

6. Story.

7.Canvas Furniture.

This collection is the ingenious creation and it’s called canvas. It includes furniture which you can hang on your wall. It’s made of wood, aluminum and stretched elastic canvas.

8.Flexible bookshelf.

 The unit is flexible and it’s made of six planks of wood which can be adjusted to hold all sorts of objects of different dimensions.

9. The furniture.

This collection includes four chairs and a table, all designed for the outdoors. They can all be stacked together at which point they become a compact, sculptural structure with a shape reminiscent of an obelisk, hence the name. It’s the ultimate space-saving furniture series for the outdoors.

10. The expandable Mobile Dining unit.

The expandable Mobile Dining unit is perfect for small spaces. It can expand and contract easily so it can accommodate from 2 to 8 guests. It’s actually perfect for situations when unexpected guests come over and you have to find them a place to sit at the table.

11. A chair inside a chair.

It’s a very intriguing creation. It’s basically a sculptural-looking chair with a modern and simple design which hides inside it yet another chair featuring the same design. This way you can always have an extra chair for your guests and you don’t have to hide it in the closet.

12. The Bada table/ loveseat.

It can be easily transformed into a loveseat. It’s crafted entirely from reclaimed walnut and it has a simple and ingenious design. You basically have two pieces of furniture in one.

13. The bookcase.

The bookcase features a simple and modern design and it’s very flexible. It’s a piece of furniture which grows as you add more books to your collection. Its zig-zag shaped parts slide in and out and form voids in which you can store books. You can arrange your collection according to size and there’s even a compartment perfect for magazines.

14. The table.

This is a table full of surprises. It’s build of wood and it contains numerous compartments, perfect for storage. They’re only visible when used and the rest of the time the table has a compact look.

15. The Ping Pong door.

This a door which doubles as a ping pong table. The idea is very ingenious. Perfect for skall homes which don’t have a game room, the door swings down and instantly changes function. It comes with field markers and a small net.

16. The coffee bench.

17. The console/dining table.

This is a versatile piece of furniture which extends from 17” to 115” and can be used as a side table, console but also as a dining table when extra guests come over. The table has 5 extra leaves, an unusual number considering that usually expandable tables only have two.

18. Convertible coffee table.

Featuring a simple but chic design, this piece of furniture can be used as a coffee table but also as a dining table. The coffee table version features two wings on the sides which, when lifted, allow it to sit up to 10 people.{found on site}.

19. The Pause sofabed.

It’s an easy chair which can be easily transformed into a daybed. It’s simple, light and also very easy to move around. It’s a lovely piece for a modern living room or lounge area and it has a casual and comfortable design.